What Are The Benefits Of Going Paperless?

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On Monday, April 22nd, the world will celebrate Earth Day. The annual acknowledgment that more needs to be done to protect our environment, Earth Day originated in 1970 and is observed in over 193 countries worldwide. These days, taking steps to preserve the Earth’s natural resources is a year-round activity. And, as a business owner, you could certainly stand to benefit from going “green”.

One of the easiest ways to go green is to go paperless. It’s never been easier to do away with physical copies of letters, invoices and receipts since the internet provides us with such easy access to all of our business-related transactions. What steps can you take to have your business go paperless? Doing so has many benefits.

It provides you with a much tidier workspace.

Quite clearly, the less clutter you have, the cleaner your office will be. By eliminating the need to store countless paper-based files, you make a lot more room for you and your staff to move around in. Not to mention, clutter-free desks help you to lead a more organized work life. Digital files obviously take up a lot less room than filing cabinets!

It gives you easy access to all of your files.

Locating paper-based files requires a lot of time and effort. Do you really have time to sift through countless folders, check drawer after drawer and search through shelves in order to locate the right files? A paperless filing system does away with the time usually spent on sorting through mountains of paperwork. Instead, documents can be located with a few clicks of a mouse.

As well, cloud accounting software allows users to access data from any device and from any location. By going paperless, you don’t even need to be in the same physical location as your files – since your files will no longer have physical locations! Both storing and accessing your important business data is made easier than ever when you don’t have to worry about a literal paper trail.

It allows you to settle bills quicker.

Do you send invoices to your clients through the mail? There’s a reason traditional mail is now known as “snail mail”. How long does it take for your invoices to get to your clients? When you go paperless, you eliminate the middle man (in this case, the mail man!).

By emailing your invoices, your clients will obviously get them much quicker. This will result in you receiving payments on those invoicesa lot quicker. Touch-of-a-button technology helps you to avoid long waits for your bills to be settled, thus vastly improving your company’s cash flow.

It helps to save the environment.

As we mentioned earlier, going paperless is the eco-friendly thing to do. By utilizing electronic document management systems, you help to reduce deforestation and pollution. This enables trees to do their jobs – absorb carbon dioxide and slow down global climate change.

At Platinum Bookkeeping and Tax, we offer advanced online solutions that make the management of your financials a simple and easy process. Our completely paperless services include personal and corporate income tax preparation and filing, payroll processing, bookkeeping, Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) application assistance and more.

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