Calgary Bookkeeping Firm Makes it Easier to Deal with IRS

CALGARY, AB (Dec. 12, 2017) — Platinum Bookkeeping and Tax has joined an exclusive group of companies in the country certified to support Canadians who need to deal with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The Calgary-based bookkeeping firm has officially been authorized as a Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA) for the IRS. The new designation means they are approved to assist individuals who don’t qualify for a Social Security Number but who still need an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) to file U.S. taxes or have other U.S. filing or reporting requirements.

There are several groups of individuals who require ITINs including dependents or spouses of a U.S. citizen or non-resident alien visa holder. One of the largest groups Platinum Bookkeeping and Tax deals with is Canadians who are buying and selling U.S. real estate.

“From retired couples who are spending several weeks or months at a time in the Southern U.S. to families who have rental properties at ski resorts or other American destinations — there is an increasing number of Canadians who are dealing with the IRS and are required to submit an application,” explains Asif Rahemtulla, Managing Partner of Platinum Bookkeeping and Tax.

According to a survey from the US National Association of Realtors (NAR), Canadians spent twice as much buying American real estate between April 2016 and March 2017 as they did the year prior — valued at a total of $19 billion.

The application filing process for non-U.S. residents can take six-to-eight weeks, if done correctly, and many firms charge upwards of $500 per application. Platinum Bookkeeping and Tax is not only providing a discounted rate, but is also helping facilitate a smoother process.

“It’s imperative the paperwork is filed correctly, with all of the proper codes, as any error can cause a delay in the filing process. Being a Certified Acceptance Agent also allows us to authenticate your identity documents, eliminating the need to send the original documents to the IRS.”

Platinum Bookkeeping and Tax is set up for virtual consultations and supports clients across the country in their dealings with the IRS.

About Platinum Bookkeeping and Tax

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