We get a couple of frequently asked questions here at Platinum Bookkeeping and Tax. Please see our FAQ for more information!

Building up a business is already hard enough. Platinum Bookkeeping and Tax was designed so that business owners didn’t have to worry about their payroll and accounting. We focus on making that side of your business as stress-free as possible. This is why Platinum Bookkeeping and Tax offers simple, cloud-based solutions with flat rate packages, to manage your finances. Whether you’re requesting personal or corporate bookkeeping, tax filing, payroll management,
or journal entry processing, your initial consultation is 100% free!

Platinum Bookkeeping and Tax offers a variety of packages that come with flat rates. There are no hidden costs or surcharges.

Clients are able to customize a package to meet their personal or corporate financial needs. During the initial free consultation, we will assess your requirements and determine the best package for you.

The virtual platform is an innovative way of doing your taxes, managing your books, and interacting with your bookkeeper. It removes the inefficiencies of mail and paper documents and graduates your books to a simple, organized, and efficient layout. Clients will be able to access their virtual QuickBooks file 24/7, providing them with the ability to update, edit, or submit financial information in real time. Remote accounting doesn’t remove the option of requesting the direct handling of your financials. If you prefer that we, Platinum Bookkeeping and Tax, review hard copy files we happily provide this service.

Absolutely. We understand clients may have accountants or bookkeepers who handle certain financials such as their year-end books. We are happy to work with your existing accountant to transition your books efficiently.

By way of a written agreement with the IRS, we are authorized to assist individuals who do not qualify for a Social Security Number (SSN) but still need an individual tax identification number (ITIN) in order to meet US filing requirements.  Some common filing requirements include filing a US federal tax return 1040 or 1040NR and other tax schedules. We review, authenticate, complete and forward the application to the IRS.