As a small business owner, you juggle every aspect of your business—marketing, business development, project fulfilment, client meetings, etc. Other priorities, such as paying your vendors on time, may fall through the cracks. Mismanagement of your accounts payable and accounts receivable can cost you money.

Missing payments, late payments, and partial payments can lead to late fees, interest charges, and poor or strained relationships that can even result in losing a supplier or vendor.  Inaccuracies can create hardships for your company by affecting relationships with vendors and your company’s credit rating. On the receivables end, cash flow can be negatively impacted if you can’t collect from your clients in a timely manner.

Accounts Payable Services

Using cloud-based software like QuickBooks Online and other QuickBooks integrations and our systems and processes, all your payments will be made on time, and you’ll have no missed or duplicate payments. Some of the benefits of using cloud-based software include:

  • Invoices and receipts stored and managed in the cloud, letting you say goodbye to filing and retrieving paper documents
  • Automated process for the submission and journal entry of invoices
  • Easy invoice approval process, with invoices submitted automatically to the proper signing authorities for approval
  • Payments made when due, taking advantage of early payment discounts when available, and avoiding constant reminders from vendors and/or late fees
  • Automated payments made by electronic transfers and notifications sent to vendors

Accounts Receivable Services

Having someone you trust manage your accounts receivable helps you breathe easy, because you know that you’re collecting every dollar possible, giving you more control over your cash flow. Our accounts receivable services include updating accounts receivable listings, vendor and purchase reconciliations, and reporting on receivables status and overdue receivables.

With all your information at your fingertips, it’s easy to follow up on outstanding invoices and keep track of your finances. Ultimately, you’ll be able to get your money faster and with less hassle so you can focus on your business.

Complete Accounts Payable & Receivable Management

Our bookkeeping packages include accounts payable and receivable management. Imagine never having to worry about managing paper, and having all your payables and receivables functions fully automated. Contact us today to sign up for one of our packages, and breathe easy.