Imagine having your payroll services running on auto pilot. Wouldn’t it be a huge relief to have no more late filing penalties or inaccurate deductions? And what about all the time you waste dealing with timesheets, payroll runs, or other time-consuming and tedious functions? As they say, time is money. Wouldn’t you be better off spending that time to earn income instead of fixing problems?

Breathe easy! We’ll make that happen.

National Payroll Institure

Welcome to Your New, Online Payroll Service

Now you’ll be able to focus on your business and leave your payroll problems behind. And the bonus is that you’ll significantly reduce your costs for payroll administration.


per month + $10/employee

  • Direct Deposit
  • Online Pay Statements
  • Year end T4 slips
  • Payroll Remittances
  • ROE preparation and filing
  • $95 One Time Setup Fee

Full Payroll Automation

When we set you up with our preferred partner, Wagepoint, a cloud-based payroll service, all your payroll services will be fully modernized and automated, including:

  • Pay slips, including overtime, bonuses, commissions, savings plan contributions, health insurance, paid time off, and Workers’ Compensation
  • Canada Pension Plan & Employment Insurance withholdings and employer remittance portion
  • Direct deposit to your employees’ bank accounts
  • Income tax withholdings
  • Payroll remittances
  • T4 Summary and slips
  • T4A Summary and slips
  • T5 Summary and slips (with a reconciliation of slips to owner’s draw)
  • T5018 subcontractor slips / T4A slips
  • New employee setup
  • Records of Employment for departing employees

We’ll handle all the payroll tasks from the initial onboarding of the employee up to the departure of the employee. Isn’t that a lot easier and less stressful than what you’re currently doing?

The Benefits of Online Payroll with Wagepoint

  • Access all your employee data anytime, and from anywhere.
  • Eliminate physical paperwork for good
  • Affordability
  • Minimizes the chances of errors
  • Time savings over manual processing
  • Strong data security for sensitive employee information
  • Employee portal to view paystubs, T4’s and even change contact or banking details

Wagepoint Payroll & QuickBooks Online Integration

Wagepoint is synced with QuickBooks Online. Once a payroll run is finalized, we push the appropriate journal entries into QuickBooks in the appropriate payroll categories. This ensures the accuracy of your bookkeeping records.

Additionally, all supporting documents relating to the payroll run details are also exported to QuickBooks.

Ready to Relieve Your Payroll Stresses?

As members in good standing of the National Payroll Institute (NPI), our skills and knowledge are always up to date. We also have a direct hotline number to the NPI for additional resources and support.

Why wait? Let us set up and automate your entire payroll process today with our payroll package so you can breathe easy. Contact us today.